Why you should choose travel insurance that pays in real time

According to a 2018 survey* of 1,000 Australian travellers, more than 82% of people who claimed on their insurance had issues with the process, 44% admitted current methods ‘involve too much paperwork’, 32% said ‘claims were only partially reimbursed’, or ‘they took too long to settle’ (31%).

And almost half of Aussie travellers (45%) have experienced an incident overseas, for which they could have made an insurance claim but more than half (55%) didn’t bother to follow through with actually making a claim on their return.

These are just some of the alarming statistics about travel insurance and why Insurance Aid General Brokers now recommend all their travel insurance customers use the new TravelCard RealTime Insurance.

TravelCard has a customer call centre for sales and support located right here in Australia but is backed by the Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd and a UK based company with well over 1 million travel insurance cardholders worldwide.

According to Travel Monitor news website, TravelCard was launched in Australia in April 2018, with Catriona Rowntree as Brand Ambassador, and is the only travel insurance offer that pays claims in real time.

“Using big data and a special insurance payment card, linked to MasterCard, TravelCard also offers 24/7 worldwide assistance, and the real-time claims process can be completed in as little as three minutes, without any paperwork, and while the policyholder is still travelling, ensuring travellers aren’t left out of pocket.”   (*source)

IAGB Managing Director Andrew Hinz said as we head into Christmas and holiday season, he urged all his clients to ensure they had the appropriate travel insurance and to consider upgrading to a TravelCard policy.

Travel insurance real time
Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels

Mr Hinz said the TravelCard policy offered the following benefits;

  • Market leading coverage for peace of mind
  • Real-time claims payments, without the wait
  • 24/7 global customer service team
  • Nil excess on all claims
  • Children holidaying with their parents do so at no extra charge
  • No mountains of paperwork
  • Unlimited Cover for Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital Expense
  • Unlimited Cover for trip cancellation and loss of deposits
  • Cover for luggage and personal effects

TravelCard provides exceptional coverage for peace of mind when travelling. If the unexpected happens, TravelCard will ensure claims are assessed, approved and paid – all while you are travelling, with no out of pocket expenses.*,” he said.

How to get TravelCard Insurance:
Just click the banner below to get instant coverage or give us a call on 07 3630 1823 for more information.

*On journey medical, delayed luggage and Theft of Money claims approval subject to provision of all information to support the claim during the call.