Have you got the right 4×4 insurance?

If you are a 4×4 enthusiast it probably comes as no surprise to you that six of the top selling cars in Australia, have four-wheel-drive capacity.

Whether it’s a SUV or the tough and ready Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger, Australian’s love their 4×4’s and rightly so.

Australia is a land full of rugged beauty and breath-taking scenery but first you have to get there.  Arguably the best camping spots, the best tourism locations are all accessed by 4×4.

The roads into these hidden gems are rough, sandy and at times dangerous which is why you need to make sure you have the right level of insurance.

Taking your car off-road often limits your access to insurance which is why IAGB have teamed up with Club 4×4 to offer clients access to a tailor made 4×4 policy.

So what’s different about a 4×4 policy and regular vehicle insurance?

Club 4×4 Insurance policies include:

Off-Road Recovery

Club 4×4 policies provide up to $1500 coverage towards the cost of recovering your vehicle. Larger coverage amounts available.

Australia wide coverage for your touring gear

As part of your policy you have up to $2000 coverage for accidental loss or damage to your personal effects – anywhere in Australia, even if it’s not in your car at the time. Larger coverage amounts available.

Coverage anywhere in Australia

Most insurers will exclude off-road from general vehicle insurance policies. Club 4×4 literally cover you everywhere.

Vehicle hire cover

Does your insurer know how much it costs to rent a 4×4? Club4x4 offers up to $180 a day for 21 days if your rig is stolen. Additional coverage for accident coverage available.

Full coverage for your accessories and modifications

Going touring is not as simple as getting in your car and driving – often times it requires vehicle modifications and accessories. 4×4 will cover your whole rig! This is compared to a standard motor policy that offers cover up to 20% only of your vehicle value.

Essential repairs
4×4 cover up to $1000 in emergency repairs to keep you going.

Multi policy discount

If you’ve got a 4×4, chances are you’ll probably have a caravan, camper trailer or slide to go with it that also needs insuring.


To find out more about Club 4×4 insurance give IAGB a call today.


Image from: Gympies Times