Introducing our new partnership

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to officially welcome you to our new website and announce that Insurance Aid General Brokers has become a member of the Aviso Group. These are exciting times for us at IAGB and partnership with Aviso promises to strengthen our reach and service for our customers.

Why use and insurance broker

Why use an insurance broker?

The 5 most common insurance claims customer service complaints and how an Insurance Broker can help. Frustrated by those automated voices used by big companies, the endless phone prompts and horrible hold music? Dealing with the big four insurance companies certainly has its benefits for price

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – IAGB Ashmore

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

At IAGB our door is always open, we love to have a cuppa and a chat, so it’s probably no surprise that Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea has been embraced by our team! Each year we participate in the Cancer Council fundraiser and each year has been getting bigger and bigger. This year was the 10th […]

Is your building compromised by flammable cladding. Here's what to do

Flammable composite cladding panels – is your building covered?

Are you covered if your building uses flammable composite cladding panels? How does the  fall-out from the Grenfell Tower building fire in the UK affect you? Australian insurers are backing a national survey of buildings using flammable cladding in the wake of the devastating blaze that killed at least 58 people in London’s Grenfell Tower. […]

cyber insurance for cyber attacks

Cybercrime costs escalate for Australian business – are you insured?

Did you know that cybercrime costs Australian businesses an estimated $4.5B annually? Despite this alarmingly high figure and the growth and reliance on technology in business, it remains one of the least understood and underappreciated insurance risks. The severity of this risk was highlighted recently in

Kimberley Lundberg named as finalist for NIBA QLD Young Professional Broker of the Year Award

IAGB rising star a finalist at the NIBA QLD Young Professional Broker of the Year Award

The team at IAGB are very proud to share that one of our rising stars has been named as a finalist for the 2017 National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) QLD Young Professional Broker of the Year Award. IAGB Account Executive & Strata Team Manager Kimberley Lundberg

contract liability, contract insurance and public liability insurance explained

Contracts and Insurance – What is contractual liability?

As a business owner and operator, there would be many occasions where you are required to enter into contracts to provide or receive goods and services.   A written contract usually includes insurance and liability terms. Failing to understand and double check your liability and contract insurance requirements can potentially expose you to significant financial […]

Could You Be Saving Money On Your Car Insurance?

For many of us, motor insurance is a significant financial burden. No one enjoys paying for car insurance, but just as few people have bothered to research ways that they might try to reduce the cost. Understanding the factors that your insurer take into account when deciding upon your insurance premium will go a long […]

Home based business insurance

Home Based Business Insurance – are you covered?

With more than 1 million people operating a business from home, Home Based Business/es (HBBs) represent a large sector in the Australian business framework and too often, they are under-insured placing the owner and workers at risk. Just like thousands of counterparts that operate from commercial premises, there is a wide range of Government rules […]

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